Sista Afia is not my daughter – Mercy Asiedu cries out

Ghanaian actress, Mercy Aseidu has responded to social media speculations that buzzing new singer, Sista Afia is her daughter.

The rumours started following a spree of publications in which Sista Afia managed to make several headlines with her terrible sense of dressing, often exposing too much cleavage and thighs. The frequent reports got Ghanaians on social media spotting a resemblance between Mercy Aseidu and Sista Afia, which resulted in claims that the latter was the daughter of the famed actress.

The actress who recently got married told Nsemfo FM that she has no relation to the singer and that no daughter of hers would be allowed to dress so ‘whorishly’!

” Ah, how can Ghanaians even think that this young girl is my daughter? No daughter of mine can be so irresponsible and dress like a prostitute in public. People say we look alike, even that one koraa I dont see the resemblance. Please, Ghanaians, I don’t know Sista Afia from Adam, she is nowhere near my family tree.”

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