Pope puts Ghanaian actress in order

Pope Francis shames Moesha Boduong for comparing herself to God by saying that 'even God loves attention'.

pope-francis-768-sidePope Francis has reprimanded Academy Award-nominated Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong for comparing herself to God by saying that ‘even God loves attention’.

The actress who has starred in over 1000 movies, is known for her attention-seeking antics which often include posting seductive photos of her bum and boobs on Instagram.

Moesha hit back at critics on social media with a featured verse on strugging Ghanaian poet/songwriter Nenebi’s latest song released on September 2.

On the verse she asked rhetorically, “You call me an attention whore, isn’t our attention what even God is fighting for?” .

In a statement from the Vatican, Pope Francis expressive utter disappointment in the actress saying she has blasphemed by comparing herself to God in such a manner.

“It is absolutely ungodly for anyone to say God is an attention-seeker, it is almost blasphemous. It is even more shameful to compare the vulgar acts of promoting prostitution on social media and getting attention for it, with the selfless holy works of the creator.”

“Ms Boduong should bow her head in shame and ask for God’s forgiveness with no reservation,” the pontiff added.

Meanwhile, Time Inc. will host a forum in Rome on the global economy, culminating in a special address by Pope Francis at the Vatican, the company announced Tuesday.

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