‘One Corner’ hit maker applies for passport to represent Ghana at Grammy Awards

Ghanaian music artist, Pataapa scored a global hit this year with his viral single, ‘One Corner’ that has the world dancing.

The song has created hundreds of viral videos, in which people from Ghana to the rest of the world are seen doing the signature ‘One Corner Dance’.  The dance basically is dry humping in any corner one finds him or herself.

With the success of the ‘One Corner’, Pataapa is already feeling lucky and was spotted at the  Passport Office in Ghana looking for a new passport.

He was overheard by a BigSpoofs source telling officials at the  Passport Office that he will be nominated for the Grammys in 2018, so he needed a passport to be able him to travel when the time is due.

He said: “Officer, we are not playing oh. We make wild. We are going to make Ghana proud at the Grammys next year and have Beyonce and Jay-Z dancing One Corner with us on stage”

Meanwhile Thirteen students of the Islamic Senior High School (ISSEC) in Kumasi, according to reports, are facing disciplinary actions for dancing to  ‘One Corner’.

The students, nine girls and four boys, in a video uploaded on social media could be seen busily dancing and twerking to the popular dance craze.

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