I am younger than Diego Costa – 23-year-old Nigerian footballer cries out

Victor Emenayo insists he is 23.

Victor Emenayo, the Nigerian footballer, who has had to defend himself after his club accused him of being at least 40-years, continues his bid to prove his young age.

Azerbaijan side Shahdagh Qusar FK thought they had signed 23-year-old Victor Emenayo this summer but after playing his debut, the club have accused him of lying and holding a fake passport.

But Emenayo thinks he is being treated unfairly because he is African. According to him he looks older than his age because he had to grow up fast as a child, carrying heavy loads and doing manual jobs – before he started playing football.

“These white people don’t understand the hustle man had go through as a poor Nigerian village boy. All these things made me grow to look manly and fearfully made. Look at Diego Costa, who says he is 27 years old. What shows that he is not older than me? Look at our faces..if he can be 27 why can’t I be 23?” Victor told Nigerian blogger, Yinka Ikeji.victor-emenayo

Despite his passport claiming he was born in 1993, Shahdagh Qusar FK believe they have been duped and that he is at least 40-years-old – possibly older.

“I am not a cheat. I suffer from Lorde Disease – an illness that makes people look older than they actually are. I have been suffering from the diseases since I tried to play for the Super Eaglets in 1992,” Emenayo added.


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