Agnes Iro sues Lilwin for remixing song for #FollowTheLadderChallenge without permission

Agnes Iro, Follow the ladder to heaven singer

Nigerian gospel singer, Agnes Iro who has grown from obscurity into an internet sensation in Ghana and across the globe because of her song, ‘Follow The Ladder to Heaven‘, has threatened to sue Ghanaian comedic actor and musician, Lilwin.

Lilwin recently released a spin-off single titled ‘Ladder’, based on the success of Iro’s song which went viral with the #FollowTheLadderChallenge. The challenge saw several people recording and uploading videos of themselves in various situations, interpreting the lyrics of Agnes Iro’s old song, ‘Follow The Ladder’.

Speaking to the Lagos Tribune, Iro said she received the news of Lilwin’s remix with disappointment, as the actor did not seek any form of permission from her.

“I have watched with excitement most of the funny videos in the #FollowTheLadderChallenge, including the version the Ghanaian actor, Lilwin posted. I am still trying to understand how things got to that point where my song has gone viral, so many years after it was released. But we give God the glory.”

She added, “However, I cannot fathom how Lilwin could go further to remix the song in his local language without consulting me first. It is disrespectful and unprofessional. In fact it is even illegal and I intend to sue him if you goes ahead to release a video for his remix.”

Lilwin has already released the audio for his single and from activities on social media, it appears he is already shooting a music video for the song.

#followtheladderchallenge lilwin has now owned it😂 remix!!!! Download song on

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